I’ve got 2 words for you: Ren Faire.

Had an absolute blast, and got a free ticket to go back again. Photos will be uploaded to my Flickr album shortly hopefully. We were supposed to go last weekend, but we didn’t. So this time, it’s Brandon and I, his friend from work Eric, and people they work with Megan, and Donna and her son Evan.

A quick summary: Lunch. Beer. Boring fencing training. Hit bullseye in archery and was honored for that. Got dressed up as nomads. Sin on a stick (frozen cheesecake dipped in chocolate!). Rum royale tea. Stalked by an archer all over the faire. The boys threw axes. Megan on the wrong side of spontaneous Tug-of-War. Washing Well Wenches. Captain Jack Sparrow!? Donna and Megan played with the pole…I meant javelin. Got my hair braided. Lost Eric. Found Eric. Hunted for Megan’s car.

Brandon, me, and Eric rounded off the day with Thai food.

Can’t wait to go again! This time, I won’t spend so much money…I hope.

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