The Force is with me

I didn’t even plan on going to see Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith this weekend.

A ticket to a screening at the Arclight’s digital projection show happened to be available. And I happened to have 2 hours comp time banked. And my boss was nice enough to let me loose on his last day in the office before he heads out to China for a week.

Thursday night, Brandon and I went up to Santa Monica to have dinner and hang out with the goddess that is our friend Irena, and to meet with a couple of people we played Everquest with but have never met before. Matt (aka Harpax) and his wife Tracy from Oregon, and Travis from San Diego, are in town for E3.

As the conversation progressed, it turned out the gang was going to see SWIII today. And there was one extra ticket. So this morning, I dropped the hint to my supervisor who in turn asked my boss. And voila, 4:30 p.m. I was picked up from Downtown LA and off we went to meet up with a few more folks to see extra crispy Anakin Skywalker, er, Lord Vader.

After the movie, all 7 of us hit The Palms Thai Restaurant in Thai Town. We finished dinner an hour before Thai Elvis hit the stage.

And now I am home, recovering from the hangover from sake galore in Santa Monica last night…still.


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