1. Rude Cactus   •  

    Gives me a run for the money on some of my strange searches.

  2. "mom"   •  

    Ok. This may seem like a stupid question… not being of the blog world I have no idea really what you’re talking about when you post these. So, stupid question time… is the keyword search on blog entries? or just site stuff?

  3. OakMonster   •  

    These are keywords people use in different search engines (i.e. Google) that lead them to my blog because my blog contains the words they put down to search.

    For example, if you search “thai oakley”, you’ll see other search results, but this blog will be on that list too because I have all of those words here. Something like that.

    What BlogPatrol does other than keeping tracks on people who visit the OakMonster’s Den is how they get here.

    Some people have it bookmarked, some came through another link on another site, and some were searching for something and my blog shows up as a search result.

    Does that help?

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