Frell WinSave

WinSave sucks. Don’t use them as your web host. I wouldn’t recommend them.

*UPDATE* I did talk with them. They argued with me a little bit on the fact that they misinterpret my message and jumped to cancel my account. But we’re getting our account reinstated today, and it will be canceled for sure on June 18.

We shouldn’t have any problem transferring everything to a new host. But between now and June 18, if things get funky for or images disappearing from here, you now know what’s going on.

We are moving to 1and1 for super basic hosting. If you have objections to that, let us know. Quickly. We have a limited time of money-back guarantee.

For those who still want to know what the heck happened, read on.

Please bare with me if you’re encountering the following issues:

  1. Can’t get to
  2. Your email to me/Brandon on our personal account bounced like a squirrel on meth.
  3. Can’t see some pictures on this site. Probably including the headline graphics.

*Here’s the elaboration of our problems with WinSave*

What was the final straw that lead us to switch is our 4th email outage in a year. On Thursday, apparently the IP address of our mail host was again banned by almost every email server, suddenly emails from our account got filtered into JUNK, or worse yet, the email appeared to have gone out but it never arrived anywhere.

So I emailed to them with the problem. Over the weekend, we were able to resume normal activity at one point, so I sent out what their tech people asked for. And then I returned later on to find out we’re having the same problem AGAIN. And apparently my email back to their tech is lost in cyberspace. The accounts were doing that on-off thing through out the weekend.

We had it with them.

So I downloaded everything off the site, and filed for cancellation.

An email arrived yesterday morning to let me know that they’d take our site down on the 18th, the end of billing cycle, and will refund accordingly. To our relief, we could have some time to tell everyone that everything is going byebye, and give us time to proceed with domain transfer. And then at the end of the day yesterday, another email came to say that they had turned everything off and will refund us as if it was turned off on the 4th, the day we made cancellation request.

WHAT THE FUCK??? I did NOT ask them to turn it off right away, but they went and did it anyway??

I lost a number of emails yesterday, and of course at this point our site is down and emails are bouncing. Fuck WinSave…and probably the parent company Affinity too. Go with other hosts, folks.


  1. Rude Cactus   •  

    Like a squirrel on meth. Heh. Thank god I wasn’t drinking something.

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