Room without a view

I know it wouldn’t last when I was put in this small office with a view. After about 4 months of enjoying my own private quarter, reality catches up. In a few weeks, possibly while I’m gone to New Mexico on vacation, I will be moved out to the window-less, everyone-walks-by cubicle.

The corner office, currently being rented by another company, is opening up in a few weeks. So my VP is moving into the corner. And there we start the department shuffle.

VP moves into corner office with his assistant moving to be right outside his door. The tenant in the office next to him shuffles over back to the VP’s office. The Director then scoots over one into the tenant’s old office. My future boss once they hire one will fill the Director’s old office. My office will be emptied, ready for more tenant, as they shuffle me over to the cubicle where the VP’s assistant used to sit.

Now : Me. VP – Assistant outside. Director – Celeste. Tenant. Corner Office – Their Assistant.
Soon: Empty. Tenant – Me. Future Director – Celeste. Director. VP – Assistant.

A quick flashback to my corner in the hallway at the old work place.

Seriously folks, I was sitting in a hallway more or less. A small office with door right through it. Everyone breezes by all day. The only one in the office in a “cubicle” per se. Everyone else either have his/her own room or share one. You could say I did have my own office…that happens to be the corridor to the other parts of the building.

I’m trying to think of an upside to the move. I guess being closer to my coworker Celeste is going to guarantee never a dull moment out there. I’d be closer to the printers…

Gotta enjoy my views while it lasts!

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