Earthquake? Here? Really?

Of all the day I could be sick, it’s today. And so I missed being on the 34th floor Downtown LA when the Yucaipa earthquake hit at a 5.3.

My coworkers reported in that they felt it big time. Will have more first-hand account tomorrow when I “interviewed” my coworkers.

As for me down here on the 2nd floor apartment in Long Beach, I didn’t feel a damn thing. Then again, I’m not attuned to the earthquakes unless it is super obvious. Brandon called and asked if I felt anything. He said the building was swaying a bit down in Santa Ana.

I HATE earthquakes. Given that I was in Lake Forest, Orange County, when I was jolted awake by the Northridge quake as my “Welcome to California. Here’s your very first earthquake.” That scared and scarred me pretty good.

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