Life as a Cubicle Rat

My boss’ assistant occasionally would turn into my cubicle out of habit. So that was entertaining. 🙂

I’m still trying to get my bearing of sitting out in a noticeably noisier area, but I’m sure I’d get over that soon. I don’t miss the view too much yet because at least I can get to look out the window when I go up to visit with my boss’ assistant.

The real task has just begun for me. We found a huge box of CDs, floppy disks, and ZIP disks from the marketing lady before me. I’ve started going through all of the CDs today, pulling some good info out, and prepping them to be stored away. The real challenge will be going through to floppy disks because I don’t have a floppy drive on my brand spanking new Dell.

Who the frell has floppy drive any more these days anyway???

As for the ZIP disks, I would turn that over to Kinko’s to get transferred to CDs for $5 a pop.

ZIP disks. That is soooooo late 90s.

Another pile of dren I will inherit is my boss’ newspapers and magazines. I hope a lot of scanner use doesn’t cause radiation sickness. He has a tall stack of those things and I have to scan them all.

Upgrade: The boss is actually joining the 21st century in turning toward a paper-less office.

Downgrade: For weeks, I will not be doing anything more creative than figuring out how to fit all the pieces of a news article on one-page.

I will take the picture of my cube and upload it hopefully tomorrow. Then again, I said the same thing about photos from my old office.

Feh. It just doesn’t want to download my pictures tonight. Sometimes, you really can’t tell your computer what to do. Like creator, like machine. (Brandon built this thing… heheeh.)

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