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Peroneus Longus Tendon. It goes from your foot, around the bottom part of your ankle, all the way up your calf.

That’s what I stretched when that blonde-zilla ran in to me a few years ago. That’s the tendon that never quite got back to normal, and has been causing me pain and suffering.

I’ve been prescribed one session with a physical therapist who’d teach me how to work that muscle back to its original glory. And rub Aspercreme on it a few times a day. If in a few months, it still bugs me, then I may need a special shoe insert to help stabilize my foot.

No heels for a few more months over here. Yippee!

But that was it. I didn’t get the cortisone shot or anything. He said it’s not localized enough for a shot.

As for the pain, take Ibuprofen or Aleve as needed. I can keep the ankle wrapped up if that would make me feel better, he said.

So, folks. There it is with my ankle saga. For now.

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