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Now that I am crawling up the rank of a respectable blogger of over 10 viewers a day (Rude Cactus is laughing at my celebration I can tell), I think I’d start a new thing with the weekly report of the odd search words that lead people to the OakMonster’s Den.

We have a few in the past already, but now we’re going to take a peek at the BlogPatrol report every weekend and see what kind of things people are looking for out there.

crispy anakin (Google)
Nah. I’d prefer original recipe.

where in huntington beach does norm chow live? (Google)
Why? Are you going to stalk him until he comes back to coach one last season for USC? I’m wayyyy ahead of you on that, bro.

“Instant Amish” (Google)
Nothing beats a side of Instant Amish with your Crispy Anakin.

ake rbsc bangkok (Netscape)
Looks like someone is looking for my brother Ake. RBSC = Royal Bangkok Sports Club, another one of my brother’s haunt other than the RBSC Polo Club.

boys burping on command (Google) / little boys burping on command (Google)
A pedophile with a burping fetish is prowling on the Internet. Kind of disturbing, don’t you agree?

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  1. Chris Holland   •  

    the crispy anakin one could have been me. >;()

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