As I was looking through IMDB about Tron, I realized that the same director did Animalympics.

Who here has seen/heard of Animalympics other than me?
It’s only the awesomest cartoon EVAH, yo!

I remembered renting it from a local video store growing up as a kid, and I kept renting it over and over again. Love the damn movie. Billy Crystal did some voices on this even!

My favorite? Contessa, the fencing goddess from Spain. She kicks serious ass. And of course, Kit Mambo. She’s a hot little lioness.

So, now I’m in search to get a copy of the movie. But as you can see here, Amazon lists it as at least $25…for the VHS. On EBay, these things go up to $100 now. Apparently, it has become quite a collectible article.

I guess I should start a campaign to get that movie out on DVD. What do you think, folks?

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