I was out with Brandon and his coworkers Jim and Eric yesterday. A beat up truck came by, trying to sound all vroom-vroom look at me my engine’s loud, but it didn’t sound like a vroom from a healthy engine. So Eric started ripping on how that guy would be trying to pick up chicks with that car.

Eric: Yeah, he’d be like, “Baby, do you like cars?”. “Yeah, whatever that can get me away from you?”

Oakley: So you hear that line a lot, eh?

E: No. Actually, I *use* that line a lot. You know, all the unwanted attention from chicks. Women are constantly hitting on me.

O: With what, a stick?

There was a heartbeat of silence before the guys exploded into “Oooooooohhhh!” and laughter.

Yeah. I owned. 🙂

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