You know you’re an SG-1 fan when…

You dreamed that you make out with Daniel Jackson (Michael Shanks) in a bar.

What can I say. I’m a sucker for brown haired, blue eyed, boyishly handsome men. 🙂

To add to the bizarreness of the dream, it took place at my old school, Mater Dei. Everything looked the same but larger as if to accommodate my current size. (You know how when you go back to school, and the room that seemed so huge when you were a kid suddenly wasn’t so big?) And it was a college instead of a K-12 school.

The bar where I macked out with Daniel is where the Thai Classical Dance classroom was. I guess because it was always shady in there with the trees. In my dream it was an old style pub. Oak counter and shelves. And such.

We were in the bar because our professor believed that the best way to get everyone to know each other really well was over frosted mugs of beer. Whatever we were drinking was on the professor, who was the honorary bartender, until the bell rang.

So yeah, I sat next to Daniel and after a few gulps for me and 2 pints later for him, we got really friendly. When the bell rang, we were just getting started, so we didn’t leave class…uh…the pub like everyone else. Come on now. We were busy doing something else!

All of that in front of our professor, Hulk Hogan.

Where all of that came from I have no fuckin’ clue.

But now I’m not sure what is more disturbing. The fact that I remembered the dream so well and could still feel the touches of my dream Daniel, or that I made out in front of Hulk Hogan.

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