Go, MiG!

Okay, I’ve only recently started to watch Rockstar INXS and I’m sooo hooked.

I’m rooting for MiG. But I have a feeling INXS would pick either JD or Marty. Last night, though, MiG seemed to have suffered a case of Jordis. There was something missing in his performance last night. Nonetheless, MiG is a beautiful piece of man with a big, big voice and can put on a great show. Just not last night. But, MiG, dahling. I’m still rooting for you!

On the other hand, JD rocked the house. I usually don’t like JD. Something about his face…so smuggy I want to punch him. But he really got me involved in his performance last night. The showmanship of this one is awesome.

Marty did well too, but still there’s something I don’t like about his voice. And as much as he plays up to the camera, there’s something awkward about his stage presence. Everyone else seems to be more comfy on stage than Marty.

I love Suzy’s voice and style. But I don’t think she’s going to get to front INXS though. I know this is an open for all, but I believe they really want a boy to front the band. I’d buy her album if she ever comes out on her own though.

My prediction? It’s going to be between JD and Marty for the band. But these 4 here are going to be famous either way.


  1. Concrete Angel   •  

    Ooh I’m pulling for either Marty or Mig. I’m so excited about the show tonight, but nervous too! I don’t wanna see any of them go home! Rock on!

  2. OakMonster   •  

    Rock on to you too. You’re right. They’re all so good! Tonight should be great.

  3. Rude Cactus   •  

    I haven’t watched that in a while…and I keep meaning to. I’ll have to check it out. One thing? Their house band rocks.

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