Crazy crazy crazy

My eyes are getting better. But boy amd I feel tired! Everything is so different when you can’t see straight. I mean, 2 days ago, I wasn’t sure if I saw green pedestrian light, so I didn’t cross the road. Now, I can see a little better–a little blurred to super blurred outside of 5 foot perimeter.

I’m soooo tired folks. Turning my head with these glasses. Mentally exhausted from trying to make sense of all the figures in my vision.

And add to the craziness, did I not call it that Suzie wouldn’t go to the final 3??

I’m thinking it’s Marty for INXS, y’all. For the fact that I’m still singing “Trees” right now. As much as I like how “Pretty Vegas” sound, I still can’t remember it. “Trees” on the other hand, stuck like dried drops of sap on my poor car.

Oh yeah. My video card at home died also. Yeah. Fun day, huh?

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