I dream of Jason

Last night I dreamed that I was back at Mater Dei. Probably 11th grade or so, not a little kid. And that somehow the school had gone co-ed and international. I was walking back to the quad area from lunch in the assembly hall with my guy friend. He had a guitar strapped to his back. My friend Jason. Jason Mraz.

The GAP commercial was one of the last things I saw last night so that explained a LOT. Then again, I love his music. And yes. He IS a cutie.

Anyway. We were horsing around like we usually do. Tag, you’re it! Ow. Quit it! Suddenly, Jason grabbed my hand and gave me this look. The “We’re more than friends. You know it. I know it. So let’s stop that friend nonsense” look. If we weren’t in school I’m sure we would’ve gone for that sweet little first kiss. But we didn’t.

I understood his look, and he did mine. We smiled at each other. I let him hold my hand as we walked through the quad.

I’m with Jason. Wow. Life of a 16-year-old suddenly was a lot better.

We let go of each other when Jason turned to go to the boys’ room. I headed to the bridge to see Tong and another friend. (We have a little “canal”, essentially a long concrete pond that at one point was actually a part of Bangkok’s canal systems. So we have 2 small bridges to get to the other side of the school.) Tong gushed on and on about how awesome it is have guys in school now, and that a few boys we’ve been hanging out with are so cool. Especially that Jason.

“One of these days, you watch me, I’m going to make him my boyfriend.”

I looked at her, chuckled. “I don’t think so.”


“Jason’s my boyfriend.”

She laughed. “Yeah right. Since when?”

“Just now.”

“Sure. Whatever you say.”

“I’m serious!”

“You’ll have to fight me for him, bitch. Hahaha.”

“No, dude. Seriously.”

“Yeah. Yeah. Heard that about Brad Pitt with you too. Honey. Jason’s MINE. Mine. Mine. Mine!”

“No. He’s mine.”

“No. MINE!”

“Listen. He’s MY boyfriend.”

Jason came up behind me and threw his arms around me, pulling me to him, a little bit of holding me back from Tong but more of a hug.

Tong’s jaw dropped to the floor. Literally. It’s a dream after all.

“So, what are you girls fighting about?” A smirk in his voice.

“Oh. Nothing,” I said. I pat him on his arms and turned to look up at him. “Just who gets to keep you. That’s all.”

“Well. I think I know the answer to that.” And he gave me a quick peck on the forehead.

Sweet dreams are made of this.

The bell rang. Tong picked up her jaw and shook her head at us. Jason took my hand. We all headed back toward the classrooms.

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