Still squinting

Fuck that optometrist business. Tomorrow I’m making my appointment with an ophthalmologist.

The hydrating eye gel and constantly putting in eye drops don’t do anything to improve my vision during the day. I still have the same 30-minute window of 100% clear vision after I wake up. Doesn’t matter what I do, my vision starts doubling up after that.

It’s beyond the contact lenses at this point, I’m sure. And I’m not going to keep going back to the that optomologist office to have her billed me to death for abso-fucking-lutely nothing.

Besides, walking around not really seeing anything is REALLY taxing on my mental health. Can’t you tell, already?

*Addition* Optometrist measures you for glasses and contact lenses. Ophthalmologist fixes serious eye problems like glaucoma or pieces of needle flying into your eye. 😉 Yes, I’m going back to see Dr. Lars Hertzog from last year’s sewing incident.

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  1. Rude Cactus   •  

    I always forget the difference between the two types of doctors…Hope you’re doing a bit better!

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