Happy V-Day!

It’s Veterans’ Day, y’all, and I’m home with my Marine. 🙂

Ah. The joy of working for a non-profit company on county holiday calendar.

Also the joy of not having to deal with the newsletter any more.

I missed my girls night out dinner because of the damn newsletter. The Kinko’s type place dropped the ball. BIG TIME. It’s so unlike them. I don’t know what’s going on over there. The manager said yes to Quark when they actually don’t have the program. Then the promise to deliver proof by 5:30 got turned into “We’ll be there in 15 minutes” at 5:30, and then turned into 6:45 when the guy showed up. How can someone managed to get lost for an hour to get from a building 3 blocks away I don’t quite understand.

And not to mention getting unreasonably yelled at about this goddamn newsletter for someone else’s lack of instructions. I guess being the “problem child” of the department also comes with an honorary whipping girl title.

Then again, it’s nothing that a quiet 15 minutes of finger painting with glitter glue can’t cure. And I did just that after I turned the file in with the printer.

But yesterday no longer matters.

I slept late. I slept in. I chat with my parents for an hour. I’m about to get my eyes checked out hopefully for the last time. Hopefully get to take my car in for an early 90K mile check up. And redecorate my office now that I’ve sold the guest bed.

Thank you all the men and women who’ve served, and who are serving now. (And as Gary suggested, I should also mentioned the soldiers whose lives were lost.) Not only for giving me this much needed holiday, but for protecting our ways of lives, defending our freedom, and ridding the world of evil so that I can enjoy such holiday. I am truly grateful.

Oooh…that reminds me of a Costco run I need to do for Air Force Amy. Better hustle!

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  1. Gary Freedman   •  

    don’t forget about the boys who died in the trenches in that bloody awful war that ended on this date so long ago

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