Grateful for the Love

Never felt so loved on my birthday like I did this year. 🙂 Thank you all who remembered! And all my out-of-state friends who called, bless your hearts!

And my Northwest Corner (of the office) Kittens, you guys ROCK. You know, I didn’t need dinner tonight after all you’ve fed me at lunch!

Of course, my poor hubby who stayed home with a boo boo in his belly, managed to have enough energy to help me do dishes, carry up grocery, and drive me out to float our kratongs. I wish you can have more pep in your step for YOUR sake, baby. Not for me.

Oh yeah. The kratong story. Well, let’s just say that I totally underestimated the flammability of American craft styrofoam…

I’ll put link up on here once I finished writing for about my experience.

Oaks’ work is never done. Must go attend to gazillion other chores I have to finish tonight because tomorrow night I’ll be at the advanced screening of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire!!!!! (I do too love you, Goddess Irena!)

Sleep? What sleep? I only got 5 hours of it last night…

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