Sore throat go away

come again, well, perhaps after New Year’s day?

Yep. The sore throat-fever combo is back. So I’ve been resting all day, didn’t eat much of anything but tylenol, scrambled eggs, and a big pot of hot water + honey + lemon (thanks be to the Demi-Boss for her bountiful lemon tree).

Hopefully this is not going to turn into strep…

Just want to drop a line to say that I had a great time Friday night at the joint b-day party for me and Shane. Well, it was really Shane’s party and a few of my friends and I happened to be there. 🙂 Unexpectedly there was a band, and dancing commenced. I ended up buying people drinks instead of people buying mine. As I said, it was Shane’s party. Who cared! I had fun.

Saturday, we ordered Thai food for brunch, and then Lee and I went off to meet up with Nora, her sisters, and her mother to see “Pride & Prejudice”. I had thought it might just be all mushy and boring, but it wasn’t. It was quite fun to watch. And the guy who played Mr. Darcy is quite cute. He reminded me of John Cusack. But there I go with that quiet passion hotness thing. i.e. Joaquin Phoenix in The Village. It’s the guy that you watch them being so in love with the girl, would do anything for her, but he just won’t say it or demand of her to give anything back.


Oh yeah. And USC kicked ass Saturday night. What a game! Kudos to Fresno State though. They did REALLY well.

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