Rolling into Sunday

It’s Sunday after Thanksgiving afternoon, and most of my Christmas presents are bought and wrapped.

Yep. Right on schedule on that one. We won’t put up Christmas tree this year, so I piled all the gifts in front of the book shelf instead. Did I already tell you why there will be no tree this year? I don’t remember, so here goes again. We’ll be moving in February so I didn’t want to bring out the tree and then had to turn around and pack it right back. Too much work.

We had a lovely Thanksgiving dinner at Shane’s house with Shane’s dad and daughter. We watched Batman Begins, had pies and port. Lovely evening.

On Friday I worked on the presents almost all day, and I planned to roast up the turkey breast I bought on Monday. The turkey went bad. We started to regret not taking home any leftover turkey from Shane’s house. We did all of our laundry too.

Saturday it was errands galore, and even hit the mall and managed to walk out pretty much unscathed. We marched into JC Penney for yet another electric blanket. The one we bought last year is half burned out. On my side of the bed, to get the bed lukewarm I had to turn it up to 15. The dial goes up to 19. It used to be 3 when the blanket was working properly. Anyhoo, we bought the same blanket again, plus new pillows. On to Target for a few more other things and surprisingly not a lot of folks are in Target. Must all be at the real mall. I made lasagna for dinner. I had wine, and my goal for the evening pretty much went out the window.

It’s Sunday at 2:43 p.m. I have 3 Flash projects to do. One being homework I couldn’t figure out from last week. One for this week. And my group project. I felt overwhelm. And it’s Sunday afternoon…


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