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Silver Girl pointed me to From the Sideline blog by 2 Trojans. LOVE IT! Check out the signs from ESPN college game day. Can’t say we have no creativity.

On other notes, I will be heading home in February to see my mom and to be at my brother’s wedding. Still have yet to write a formal email to the Big Boss but I’m doing either tonight or tomorrow.

Also happening tomorrow, we’re decorating our work spaces. You see, the Big Boss’s Assistant and other executive assistants on the othe side of the building have been talking smack on who can do better decorating for Christmas. As the Director of Fun, I took the idea to the CFO and got it approved. The official gauntlet was thrown down. The WEST side (us) versus the east side (them). We have one week to work on our area, and on our own time. So, tomorrow night at 5:31, the WEST side is decorating!

Yep. We’re taking our holiday decoration seriously. You did see the pictures of my and Celeste’s cubicles from Halloween? Then see it on the Flickr album on your left here. Yesterday, we trekked many blocks down to Downtown Big Lot! to shop for stuff. The girls somehow ended up with the 20-piece set of Christmas village that weighed tons. So there we were, the 2 girls awkwardly lugging their villages down the street with me leading the way with almost a dozen rolls of gift wraps and ribbons down Broadway. Did I mention we’re blocks away from the office PLUS we have to walk uphill to get back?

Then, as if it was a sign from god, we spotted the Dash tram just passed the stop 20 yards away. The driver, bless his heart, pulled over and made and extra stop for us to ask if we needed a ride somewhere with all of our loot. Again, a sign from god that we’re going to win this decorating contest, Dash route C does run right up to our building! I haven’t laughed that hard since Mom’s birthday!

Operation Jingle All the Way is going well all things considered. Folks at work have been the most generous! You know how some people would spend their hard earned tiny paychecks on shoes, stereos or something like that? My weakness is charity causes. I’m afraid to tally up the “Charitable Donation” category on my MS Money report. Can’t wait to win the Lotto so I can set up the foundation and then I can do these charity things all the time! That, playing the piano, and blogging seem to help me focus on life at hand and not so much worrying about my mom.

I’m tired as hell. But for the love of god, I MUST see Nip/Tuck tonight. But hey, at least I can get Christmas cards out and ready for Brandon to sign! Not much wasted time there.

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