Happy New Year!


It’s been an exhausting day. We started out the morning slow with the usual routine of Brandon playing games and me watching Food Network In the Kitchen.

Brandon’s friend Eric came over and we went out for Thai food at Kapao Thai. An exact repeat of last week. Gosh, I love their food. We’re changing our Thai food joint after finding out through Brandon’s friends of the family that the original owner of The Treasure Pot, where we’ve been going to for 4 years, opened a new restaurant.

Yeah. We ate at Treasure Pot for 4 years. All these times we thought they were just switching staff. LOL.

Later on, with Eric in tow all day, we went to see the apartment that Brandon went into on Friday. I was relieved to find that the piano should fit through the door just fine.

From what Brandon told me on Friday, as excited as I was about the place, I had my doubt. B didn’t think the piano would fit through the front door. We could store the piano in the garage and I wasn’t sure I want to be crooning to one of our cars.

No, not not sure. Abso-fricking-lutely NO WAY IN HELL!

But afte seeing the place, I didn’t think it’d be a problem. Plus, the place has gas stovetop! Well, it may be an ancient range, but gas, baby! Cooking with gas is so much better!

2 things about this place we have to lose to get into this apartment are our grill (dammit!) and my plants. There’s no balcony. But I could possibly keep my orchids in the southern light if I put a shelf there by the living room window. I hope I hope I hope!!

So yeah. We are pinning on this apartment at the moment. If this falls through, Brandon would have to do a more serious search for another place while I’m gone next week.

After this, the boys accompanied me to do some shopping for the trip. Suddenly, I came home to find my empty suitcase so full I wasn’t sure I could just take one for my 10-day trip! LOL. I had to sacrifice one of the 2 family size bags of Cheetoz I was bringing home to my brother. Oh well, the guy’s getting almost everything he asked for already. (Sorry, bro!)

After Eric left and Brandon got the spaghetti sauce simmering, I made the first move to pack the house. I packed most the handblown glass globe/paperweights Brandon has collected since his teens.

One box down! The entire apartment to go!

And our final task of the evening, we conquered the glorious Mount Laundry Pile. While we waited for the timer to go off, we had dinner and watched our taped Stargate shows. And listened to the thumping music, muffled loud talks, woohoos, and yeahs, and more door slams that we could keep track of.

Fucking party next door. We called security to get them over at 10:30. It seemed they were defiant of the first warning, turning the music down for a time just to blast it again a few minutes after. So, again at 11:00 when the music was finally turned off.

It’s 11:44 and the door is still being slammed every 5-10 minutes.


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