Checking in

Dial up = Hell. So I will be brief.

Feb 2
Whirlwind arrival. Busy all day doing all sorts of stuff.

Feb 3
Whirlwind shopping. Went out and shopped like crazy with Joy and Lily.

Feb 4
The wedding. Morning send-off instead of the end of the evening so the parents could go home, and the kids can party all night long. Kids reception was quite fun.

Feb 5
Off to Phuket and on to Phang-Nga. Visited the site for tsunami memorial in Khao Lak and met the finalist architects. And the press. Went all over Phang-Nga to see the affected areas, visited the holding area for the dead bodies and where they had the forensics lab to ID the bodies etc. Amazed by the speed of the rebuild! Unless someone told me–and despite the 3 boats that were washed deep in land by the wave–I wouldn’t have known this area was hit at all.

Feb 6
Here. At home. With mom. Doing ditty.

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