Coming home…really…I am!

Yep. Still in BKK. Getting on the plane tomorrow though. For sure.

After seeing mom on Friday morning, still feeling yucky from chemo and now a little disheartened that I’m leaving, I decided to stay until, well, tomorrow.

It was a decision that was worth it.

Today, mom’s eating more. Or at least less resistant to me bossing her around to eat some more. LOL. She looks great and has been up out of bed or at least more alert today.

The doctor said yesterday that the worst is over for her. She reacts to chemo wonderfully–a little nauseaus but haven’t really thrown up, more tired but otherwise feeling okay. The second half of this first course will be a lot less “painful”, he said. So, yippee for mom.

And yippee for me. Now I can get on the plane feeling good leaving her. Hopefully, someone in the house will resume my duty as Florence Nightingale from Hell. LOL.

Oh yeah. I’m the bossiest nurse my mom’s ever known, she said. Hahah.

Eat some more. No, you can’t say no. One more bite. Come on.

Oh no. You’re not throwing up. That pill you just took was anti-nausea. You can’t feel sick. It’s not possible. Here. Have some more ice chips. And don’t get up so quick.

What the heck are these? Why didn’t you take your vitamins? Come on. One at a time. I want to see these gone when I come back. Okay?

HAHAHHA. Yeah. I can never be a mom. Poor kid. 🙂

So yeah. Will be on the plane tomorrow night. For sure.

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