Half way in her shoes

The 2 antibiotics I’m taking are making me sick to my stomach.

I have to constantly fight the feeling of throwing up. It seems the more I eat the better I feel but at some point even eating doesn’t help.

Like now.

I guess I can somehow relate to mom’s nausea after chemo. Just a fraction of how she felt. No wonder she doesn’t want to eat.

On the other hand, it seems I have to keep eating to keep the stomach from churning. But at this moment, I’m stuffed…yet the churning continues.

BTW – My best friend JC is in town from Maryland/DC for her friend’s wedding. Surprised the hell out of me, but sooooo happy to see her! She and her hubby Erick are in escrow for a home. And in 6 months, they’re going to actually use the nursery! I’m going to be an honorary aunty!!

This is my plan. I will not have my own kids, but I’ll be one heck of an aunty to my friends’ kids. 🙂

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