I’ve got what?

I’ve been prescribed Cipro. Folks. I have anthrax.

Just kidding.

My doctor ran a culture and found that what I have is not staph, but some other bacteria that is supposedly more resistant to the other 2 antibiotics I’ve been on this past week. Although, I seem to have healed well so far, she wants to make sure the damn thing is dead.

And such a great patient I am, when she left me a message and told me what the bug was, I wrote it down on a Post-it with some other things on it. And later, I tossed that piece of post-it, naturally.

So, here I am on Cipro. Still recovering from some kind of mutant bacteria. List of side effects and precaution in taking this pill is as long as an Oscar winner’s thank you list!

I’m tired of 3 things at the moment.

First, feeling sick to my stomach (and the 2 times I threw up) because of the antibiotics. REALLY feeling for mom now.

Second, moving. Thank god it’s done and now it’s all the unpacking I have to do.

And third, an item that shall remain a mystery because I do self censor occasionally. (Shocking!) But yet another reason why I suddenly understand my mom a hell of a lot more.

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  1. Rude Cactus   •  

    I hope you feel better. Still, it could be worse. It could have been antrhax. Or, it could have been Anthrax, the heavy metal band. Now, there’s pain!

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