Cipro Watch

It’s been 15 minutes since I took my morning Cipro. I’m starting to get dizzy.

Upgrade: So far it’s been a lot easier on my stomach than the other two. Yeah!

Downgrade: I constantly feel like I’m motion sick. The floaty, dizziness that make me feel like the bottom of my chest is shivering all the time. I can’t explain it. It’s not acid-filled, stomach churn like last week. This one it churns because I’m dizzy.

I wonder if I could take Bonine, my wonder anti-motion sickness pill, to counter this.

Time to call my doctor!

*UPDATE* Pseudomonas Dermatitis. aka. hot tub rash. I have the resistant strain. Yep. What we expected is right. It’s the spare bathroom’s bath tub. Apparently, Scrubbing Bubbles’ disinfecting power alone doesn’t kill everything in that.

We’re bleaching that. Tonight.

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