It’s Monday??

My weekend has gone. Poof. Bye bye.

Friday was blown away by the fact that I was just in bed most of the day except going to the doctor and refill my prescription, and going out to dinner. Must say that at a certain point, Cipro just completely owned me. A few more days of it left. Brandon and I could barely wait to touch each other again. LOL.

Also must say that there is no, I repeat, there is no good Thai food in the city of Los Alamitos.

Saturday. Went to see “Ultraviolet”. It’s not an Oscar worthy movie, nor really worth your $7.50 matinee. But much, much, much better than “Aeon Flux”.

Besides, I love Milla Jovovich. Hooray for ass-kicking, flat-chested hot girls! 🙂

Then we had Rhonda for the rest of the day, going to Ikea and then grocery store. Later we continued our unpacking effort, and I made dinner. First meal from scratch made in the new apartment. Gotta love gas stove though.

Sunday. Went to Thai food. Spent a good portion of an hour looking for a place to park at Long Beach Towne Center’s Barnes and Noble. There’s a reason why I hate that place. Then another few hours at the Laundromat, getting caught up on laundry that had piled up while I was gone.

The rest of the evening was, of course, the Oscars.

Go Jon Stewart. You tried so hard, and you did pretty good, dude. And yeah, go “Crash”.

And, Ang Lee. Brother. You made us Asians proud. 🙂

Next thing I knew, I woke up and it’s Monday. WTF??

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  1. Rude Cactus   •  

    And now it’s Tuesday. WTFIUWT? (What The F#*k Is Up With That)

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