Back post – S & B day

Accidentally posted this on the Lesser Weevils blog. But hey, just as well. We’ve decided to go for the Long Beach AIDS Walk this time around. June 24, kiddies. Stay tuned!

But here’s the original post for March 14…

It’s Steak & Blow Job Day, everybody! The manly man holiday to counter Valentine’s day.Since we don’t celebrate V-day at my house, we won’t be celebrating S&B day either. Equality is a great thing. 😉

So I spreaded the knowledge of the holiday to a few coworkers. As it turns out, today is also Celeste’s mom’s birthday. She passed away a few years ago of cancer. Anyhoo, so Celeste called her boyfriend Johann to clue him on the holiday.

Celeste: Hi babe. You know what today is?

Johann: Uh…did I forget something?
[What a manly man, this one is. Already he assumed he has forgotten! Score one for Johann!]

Celeste: It’s my mother’s birthday.

Johann: Oh! Well, happy birthday.

Celeste: [Laughs] Not to me, silly. You know, what else?

Johann: What?

Celeste: Today is Steak and Blowjob day.

Johann: What???

Celeste explains to Johann the concept of the holiday, reading of the Wikipedia entry.

Johann: Well, that’s just too bad.

Celeste: Why?

Johann: I don’t think it’s right to be doing that on your mom’s birthday…

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