A Non Resolution

Since I’ve returned from Bangkok and settled into the new apartment, I’ve got myself on a new path.

I will try to eat better.
I will try to work out at least 3 times a week (mainly yoga)
I will clean the apartment more religiously.
I will cook at least twice during the weekday and at least once on the weekend.
I will not let the laundry or dishes pile up.
I will play music at least once a week.

And so far, I’ve done pretty well I think.

I’ve switched from Cheez-its to Wheatins Multi-grain for work snacks, also throwing in organic apple chips bought from the farmers’ market. I only had ONE dessert this week. Mostly mascarpone Tiramisu at Marcello’s and a few nuggets of Dibs. The ice cream in the fridge remains untouched!

The workout I’ve been pretty good with. I do love doing yoga, following Yoga Shakti DVD. Once I go through the whole thing I can build my own routine which would be really cool.

The dishes and laundry I’m all caught up with. Brandon decided to help me out with those nowadays so that leaves me more time to do other things.

The only thing I have to catch up with is the music. I guess if I clear out my office, then it would be more conducive to music making. Heh.

So there, I’m one month in to my many steps to a better Oak!

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  1. Rude Cactus   •  

    Ancient cactus secret – play music EVERYday!

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