Absolutely Weevil Cookies return!

Spreading the words of the Lesser Weevils here too!

The Absolutely Weevil Cookies are back!

The divine creation that is real butter, chocolate chips, and toffee bits. Hmm……

One dozen of ABSOLUTELY WEEVIL COOKIES for $10 donation.

Order: Email your order to lesserweevils [at] borenconsulting.com.

Donate: Pay us through the donation site is the easiest way, but we can arrange a mailing of the check.

Weevils Deliver: Evening delivery to your door in the following areas: Los Alamitos, Seal Beach, Lakewood, and Long Beach. Weekend delivery to LA and OC. Downtown LA pick-up location is also available during the work week. Will ship anywhere with additional shipping cost payable to Oakley Boren.

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