Please don’t steal my sunshine

I truly am solar powered.

I did wake up and leave the house feeling pretty good. Alert and awake. The sun was peaking through the clouds as it made its way up the sky. The weather was crisp. Damn near dancing down the streets to the music on my new favorite MP3 player, Sandisk Sansa.

As the bus headed up toward LA, the clouds got thicker and the lights dimmed. The bus was suddenly warm and comfy. And I nodded off. All over the place. As in my head was bobbing back, forward, left and right.

And I couldn’t keep my eyes open. Even when we reached downtown. If I nap all the way to town, I usually wake up about 15 minutes before my stop. Today, no such luck.

No sun. No energy.

Will I last the day? We shall see if the decaf caramel latte will keep me afloat.

(Note for new readers: Yes, decaf. That’s enough caffeine for me. I cannot do a full cup of regular coffee without going hyper.)

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  1. Tiffany   •  

    Oaks, I am so with you on that, I NEED SUN! These gloomy days are killing me. I need to wake up and see sun bright and happy! I am so ready for the summer!

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