1 a.m. and I’m not in bed.


I’m all wired. Partly from 2/3 of a massive blue cheese and bacon burger and fries at Hennessey’s. Too full. Partly from a pint and a half of Bass (Brandon didn’t finish his). Too full-er…and a little buzzed.

And why the celebration?

I had my performance review. It was stella. And I got a raise.


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  1. Token Asian   •  

    I remember when I worked for a Japanese company in L.A. My friend worked for the sister company. When I told her I got an 8% raise, she said, “Wow! That’s the biggest raise I’ve heard of in the years I’ve been here.” I guess my starting salary was too low! 😀

    Too bad the trend didn’t continue due to corporate financial reasons, but it’s nice to know that your hard work is valued, isn’t it?

    Congrats on the great performance review!!!!!

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