What a day!

Just got back from spending an entire day in Pasadena with Celeste a while ago. I was supposed to go to Nhien’s party in Glendale at 7:30 but by 6 p.m. I was beat.

Let’s see here.

11:30 – Got to Celeste’s place.

12:15 – Got to the salon in Pasadena. Met Mary Ann, the stylist, Celeste’s good friend.

12:30 – Done with shampooing and having my glass of wine.

2:00 – Done with hair cut and styling.

2:15 – Settled in for lunch at Groucho Grill. Had my first Quilmes, Argentine beer. Yumm….

3:00 – Mary Ann joined us for lunch.

3:30 – Celeste and I cruised up and down Old Town. She showed me all the spots. We walked in and out of soooo many stores. God, I haven’t done that in forever! Celeste scored HUGE with the sales today. We stopped at this pub for another beer. [Celeste–remind me what that place called again?] This dude named Joe chat us up. He was loaded but very nice, so we were nice to him too. Our waiter was cute…with a fat lip. Some dude headbutted him last night when he threw the guy’s drunk ass out. Awww…. We regrouped back at the salon.

7:00 – We left Pasadena. Celeste took me on a scenic route to show me more.

8:00 – I left Celeste house and headed home.

What a day!!! And we had such a great time, both of us. 🙂

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