Note to self…

Don’t EVER log in to work email on a weekend again. Never ever. Never ever gets curious to see if everything the boss needs is in place after you’ve left on Friday.

(I know, I know. If something else was needed Friday, I am indeed in no position to fix anything. But hey, I have the weekend to think about how I can fix it and do it the moment I walk in the door on Monday.)

Curiosity, indeed, kills the cat. In my case today, the cat being having a good weekend…well, alright, Saturday night and Sunday morning.

I do feel a little better now that I had a good time at the beach and talked with a few friends.

Oh, and Happy Father’s Day. Especially to RUDE CACTUS and MIKE—your first Father’s Day!!!

And speaking of the Cat that Curiosity Killed, that was the speech given at my “cousin’s” graduation ceremony yesterday at UC Irvine.

And I said cousin in quote because she’s not my blood cousin but a friend of the family. Well, my aunty is not my blood aunty, so therefore her kids would be my “cousins”. You know the Asian relativity theory. Everyone is “Aunty” or “Uncle”. May’s family is pretty much my only close “relative” in this side of the world, so yeah we’re all related in that sense.

Anyhoo, back to the cat.

Her speech was an advice to the Social Ecology grads to base your life’s decision on the scientific way of thinking. Ask 2 questions. First, what is the evidence? And second, what is REALLY the evidence. i.e. would a witness testimonial be correct enough to use as an evidence? That kind of thing.

So, in a kitchen sat a young son and his mother. He was in trouble for something, and mom’s last word was it’s the curiosity that kills the cat. The boy looks up at his mother and asks, “What cat? Do you know that cat? Do you know its name? What color was it? Have you actually seen a cat die of curiosity? Do you know how old it is when it died because it could have died of old age and not curiosity.”

So there you go.

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