Pearls Before Swine has become my other favorite comic strip. The other ones being Foxtrot and Non Sequitor.

[Missing a strip about bloggers here.] Well, speaking of strip. I do have to write about this incident before it’s too old.

Last weekend, Brandon and I got of the 405 heading to Huntington Beach. The traffic at the exit was busy, and then we saw a firefighter walking on the median. An accident, maybe? But we couldn’t see any fire engine anywhere.

When we turned at the light, we saw another firefighter holding with one hand a sign that said, “Raising Fund for So and So” and the other a firefighter’s boot. Brandon handed me a $5 bill. I rolled down the window and stuck my hand out with the bill held between my index and middle fingers.

A big smile came across the firefighter’s face. He trotted over with the boot, and chuckled a bit when he said thank you and have a great day. I dropped the bill into his boot and said good luck. He trotted past our car to the next one.

Brandon glanced back over the rear view mirror and apparently the other firefighter was laughing and in turn our guy started laughing too.

And then it hit Brandon.

B: “Wait a minute. Did you just stripper-bill the fireman??”

Me: “Huh? What?”

Oh my god. I DID fold the bill horizontally the way they do it at strip club and held it out in quite the same manner. Completely unaware of that just a few seconds ago.

Me: “*Gasp* Oh. My. God. I DID. I just fucking stripper billed a fireman!! And he was just raising money probably for an injured or dead friend!”

B: [Laughing hysterically] I was wondering why they were laughing after he walked away.

Oh my god. I am SO embarrassed. So so so so embarrassed.

But hey, it could’ve been worse. I mean, I could’ve tucked the bill into this t-shirt collar or under the suspender thing…

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  1. 'Mazing Amy   •  

    ha ha ha ha I worked that fundraiser up by my house. Hanging out w firemen all day? MUCH FUN!

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