Happy Birthday, Baby

It’s Brandon’s birthday today, y’all! I LOVE YOU, B!

If you’re on MySpace, find him through my friends list, and wish him a fantastic birthday.

What is he getting for his birthday? Well, he’s buying one of them PDA cellphone a-magicky. And me saying yes to that is my gift to him. 🙂

As for party plan, there’s nil. Mr. Old Fart doesn’t want to party this year. Hahah! So I’m making a grand dinner tonight: Guy Fieri’s Bloody Mary Flank Steak meal completed with parmesan Tater Tots, and, this one’s for me, salad with blue cheese, grilled red onion, and bacon vinaigrette. Hopefully it’ll all turn out good for my birthday boy.

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  1. Ginny   •  

    Have fun you crazy kids w/ your vinagarette and whatnot. 😉

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