Pirate in my closet

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Yes. I dressed up as a pirate to go see “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest”.

Yes. All of that came out of my closet.

Yes. I was the only one in the theater that dressed up.

Review of the movie? I LOVE it. It was a lot of fun. I wish we can see the second one right after and keep going. No spoiler here, but y’all HAVE to stick around for the extra scene at the end after the credit. It wasn’t crucial that you see it, but it’s cute.

And former Commodore Norrington is suddenly HOT. He is a good lookin’ tall drink of water from the first one, but in this, he’s just smokin’ hot. The proper prissy pretty boy is no more. Helloooo angry bitter scheming rugged tanned sailor who’s proven to be quite a bad ass. I [heart] Jack Davenport!

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  1. Chris Holland   •  

    byea in the second half of the movie, Keira is all tanned, and she’s got her hair down … *bites knuckles* … i was beside myself.

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