Aloha Friday

We had such a good time at work today! Once again, I ran the company potluck and this time it was the Endless Summer Potluck and Hawaiian Shirt Friday. To my amazement, most of the folks got into the spirit and donned their best Alohas.

One coworker brought in his Tiki wood totem for decoration and shared with me his Hawaiian music CD. I ripped the CD and put them on my Sensa MP3 player along with my choice picks of Jack Johnson, “Lime and the Coconut” song, Moby’s “Porcelain”, and Elvis Greatest Hits. It wouldn’t be a Hawaiian event without the King.

We feasted on Hawaiian BBQ chicken–the only one buy-in item for a handful who don’t cook or don’t want to bother–along with island macaroni salad, fruity salsa and colorful tortilla chips, meatballs in homemade teriyaki sauce, fantastic variety of homemade salads, sesame-pineapple rice, delicious crab rangoon that unfortunately was so much work to make that the lady who brought them may not make again (PLEASE God, make her change her mind!), Hawaiian sweet rolls, and a selection of lemonades and Hawaiian Punch.

My contribution to the potluck are jalapeno shrimps and spam skewers. And just like Elvis, it wouldn’t be a Hawaiian event without spam!

I cubed the low fat low sodium spam and browned them on a pan 2 nights ago. Last night I assembled my toothpick skewers with spam + cheddar cheese cube + green olive with pimento, spam + pineapple chunk + cheese, and spam + pineapple + olive.

Folks were amazed that I actually brought spam. They were even more amazed that they were addicted to my skewers. LOL.

Some people haven’t had spams in 10 years! How could you live without spam!! I mean, I didn’t grow up on it either but it grows on me. Especially spam musubi. Oh. My. God.

Ah. Crap. Now I want grilled spam on rice…

I will have some pictures up on Flickr next week.

P.S. Oh yeah. The 701 bus is right on schedule today by the way. 🙂

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  1. Ginny   •  

    I dunno…spam. I guess I need to try your skewers 🙂

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