When stress attacks

So, my body decided that it’s time to succumb to the cold that seems to have been nipping at me for the past week. With all the stress I’ve been under, I’m surprised that it took this long before I got sick.

Saturday, we had a fantastic time down in San Diego with our friends Justin and Olaina. I set Olaina up with the blog and got her started on her art website somewhat. Justin has this weekend off from his medical internship, a rare occasion. They walked us through their little town and we had fabulous dinner.

Sunday, I woke up with a stuffy nose. Never a good sign. But I gave it the benefit of the doubt that it could be allergies. I sprayed my nose with my daily prescription and went about the day. Nora came up to see us at my request. (I was supposed to go see her but I had just too much to do!) We had Thai food, and that was when the sinus began to clog up and I started sneezing. Sudafed helped clear the sinus, but that was all it did. I sneezed my way through the afternoon of doing laundry, tidying up and packing my suitcase. All the while dabbing my runny nose and blotting my cold sweat.

By 6 p.m. I was achy, exhausted and shaky, and lost my appetite altogether. I just ate something this morning so I can take cold medicine.

Been sleeping on and off since I got up around 8 this morning.

It wasn’t a pretty picture. And the timing couldn’t be worse. At least I’m sick now before I get on the plane.

So, how was YOUR weekend? 🙂

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  1. Ginny   •  

    🙁 sorry you’re sick. However, I had a great weekend 😉 thanks for asking.

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