We are Siamese if you please

Say hello to Gnarly Kitty, a voice of the new generation of Thai young women.

Kitty posted a comment on my recent Thai-Blogs.com entry, and I’ve found our views to be exactly the same. And now, we found out we actually have the same beginning at Mater Dei! Talk about small world. She’s almost 10 years behind me, so technically when I left Mater Dei she was in kindergarten. Heh.

Oh yeah. 10 years ago I was already saying what Kitty says now. That, my friend, is just how “modern” I was for my time. 😀

P.S. I can eat again, yey! Feeling a little better. I think I’m still running low grade fever but I’ll live.


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  2. gnarlykitty   •  

    Oops I clicked the submit too fast wasn’t finished yet sorry!!

    What I was saying was that you were very modern for your time indeed but unfortunately this also shows how slow Thai society is developing. I mean after ten years nothing has changed.. I’m still complaining about the same stuff you did ten years ago..

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