First Saturday Back

It’s my first Saturday back and my schedule is getting full.

AM: Brandon has scheduled someone to come in in the morning to finally tune the piano. A surprise gift for me and a splurge for us. He said it is well deserved. And besides, I was driving him crazy with my wild west parlour piano twangs. LOL.

AM-Early PM: Errands galore. I need to take the bottles and cans to the recycling place. Then take our heavy little blue piggy bank in to Coinstar. If the mood strikes, I may even trek a distance to find a Smart & Final and get a bag of their delicious all beef frozen meatballs and drop in on Trader Joe’s for some more food stuffs.

Gosh, it’s sooooo good to get to buy your own groceries again! All that you want and nothing you don’t.

Later PM: I’m going to meet up with Rose of Token Asian and her sister for dinner in Thai Town! Rose has just got back from Japan on Sunday from a stint of teaching English. She is back in Southern California for a while so we figure we’d meet up. This feels like a beginning of a wonderful friendship. Well, we sort of have a relationship already, having been reading about each others’ lives for months and months.

Wow. My first blogger friend meet up ever. But not first online friend meet up though.

The most far fetch meet up was with Adam and his girlfriend. Adam found me on Friendster (which, by the way, I don’t frequent much anymore) via the search for other Farscape fans. When he was in town on vacation, we managed to meet up for dinner one night. It was quite an evening.

With Brandon actively involves with MMORPG, once in a while he’d make really good friends and we would meet with them in person if the opportunity arises. Back in the original days of Everquest, we hung out with Rhino and his clans. Last year, we met with some of the folks from World of Warcraft via the fabulous Irena.

It was interesting meeting all of these people you’d never met under normal circumstances. Thank god for the internet!

One of these days, I hope to meet up with Thai-Bloggers and their faithful readers. I hope to take some crazy ass pictures with Chris “Rock out with my caulk out” Cactus and meet his wife Beth and Mia, the cutest baby ever. Next time I’m in Bangkok, I’d like to have Kitty and KorBua take me out partying with the kids 10 years younger than me…er…on second thought, shopping and lunch would probably do. LOL. I’m too old for that shit. ;-D I even want to swing by that little town in Idaho to see Ginny and maybe she can show me how to can some beans.

Here I go dreaming my big travel dream again!

I really need to make more money. LOL.


  1. Token Asian   •  

    Bring on the Som Tum and Sai Krok! And I’d like a side order of “Jailhouse Rock.”

    We should go on a trip together somewhere sometime! Next likely destinations: Thailand and/or Japan.

    Next purely tourist destination: Scotland or New Zealand

  2. Token Asian   •  

    Hey, Oakley! Kob jai to you and Brandon for the lovely dinner & fun conversation. You’re pretty cool for a Trojan (just kiddin’). Catch ya later!

  3. gnarlykitty   •  

    Give me a yell when you’re back here again na ka!

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