It’s almost 2 a.m.

Had fantastic time with Rose and Janet tonight. Tons of food and lots of sweets afterward. Brandon went with us too. Much fun for all! You know Rose and I are true bloggers when we so thoroughly enjoy our first meet up that we forgot to take pictures. LOL. Will deliberate more about dinner tomorrow.

Because right now, I’m trying to go to sleep.

And I’m still wide awake. Not much from jetlag but from a brain that refuses to shut down. I went to bed at midnight. Couldn’t sleep. Came back out and watched a Tivo’ed Feasting on Asphalt. Got sleepy. Got in bed. Wide awake. Got up and took a Tylenol PM.

And now I wait…

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  1. KorBua   •  

    What r u doing up at 2 in the freaking morning P’Oh!? Meditate might help. 🙂 For me, having a rough day always works. 🙂 haahaha.

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