A Rewarding Weekend

I’m up to my ears in HTML, hacking and slashing and adding things to one of our sites which is way outdated and mickeymoused beyond believe. And they want to add LOTS of data. No fun at all to hard code. I’m cheating though, using Dreamweaver to make the file then steal the code and plop it on to the old stuff.

Why not use Dreamweaver altogether? These files are so honked up that all the errors are showing up on the design screen that it drives me nuts. That’s why.

Anyway. I’m taking a little break from the madness here to let you know about my evil plan this weekend.

I’m going to head down to San Diego on Sunday to hang out with Olaina. Brandon may or may not come with, depending on if Justin is available or not. The Espresso Garden in Hillcrest, the cafe she has her paintings displayed, is having its grand opening event all day. So, I’ll go down for that and Olaina and I plan to get sloshed together and I’ll just spend the night there if Brandon doesn’t come with. It’ll be fun!

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  1. KorBua   •  

    Dreamweaver… learnt it in class once… but already forget everything. 😛 Leave it to Kitz to handle all the complicated stuff. 🙂

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