Football Season Begins

I slept for 12 hours last night. From 12 to 12! What a way to start the college football season, eh? 🙂

It’s a ritual for me. Not the sleeping, but watching USC Trojans.

The first game of the season determines how and where I watch the game for the rest of it. So far, the past 3 years, all games will be watched at home or elsewhere but never at the Coliseum. Not that I could get a ticket, but even if I could, I can never show my face there out of my superstition.

Because when I watch the game at home, at least one little bit of it, we win. Hopefully, that doesn’t change.

The most important games will be watch at home with no guest. There are more ritual involved in watching the USC – ucla game. I have to wear my lucky game shirt with no bra. I have to wear the jersey and drag the bruin bear on Friday before the game. If I’m in a car at any point that Friday, I have to fly my flag. It’s worked for the Trojans since 1999!

So far, the attempt to watch the game with someone else (that one year at Amy Silver Girl’s apartment) resulted in a very, VERY close game. We won nonetheless, but it was very close. And I still blame Shane for USC’s loss at the Rose Bowl because he came over and he and Brandon watched the last bits of the game. You know, exactly when things started to go VERY badly for the Trojans.

Today, per my tradition, I’ve holed myself inside the house all day. No bringing bad mojo from the outside world in and, you guess it, no guests are allowed. It ought to be a walk in the park at Arkansas, but I have to see how our brand spanking new team play before I could talk smack.

Exactly what I told the 2 bruin alums on my bus. None of us could start talking trash about the other’s team until after today. Their team is new and so is ours.

Bruin Bill is a serious tailgater, heading off to the Rose Bowl with his truck and a newly made portable Tiki bar. Bruin Tony just watches at home, I think. They are both so nice when we talk about college ball. They know now that I’m just a big Trojan fan and not much of a football in general. As in, I don’t know who’s who doing what and having what stats. But GO TROJANS. Hahah.

My work, on the other hand, is full of Trojans. Our last CEO is a Trojan. Our new CEO is even more of a Trojan. My Big Boss is a Trojan. Our economist is a Trojan. One of my coworker is a Trojan fan. And there is Michael, the recent grad. The water cooler is going to be crowded between now and the end of the year. Time to bring my banner flag to hang on my cubicle.

Yep. I’m ready for good ol’ fashion USC Trojans football!!

*UPDATE* USC 50. Arkansas 14. Another year of watching the game indoors, darlings.


  1. 'Mazing Amy   •  

    OH man, I so understand!

    I wore my leinart jersey and surf shorts yesterday. Which means that is the outfit for every game (except Nebraska and Arizona which I will be at, I’ll wear white shorts by same brand, same cut as teh surf ones) lol

    OH and jersey will not be washed until the next time we lose. haha (I always were a t-shirt under it, so its not THAT bad)

    For ND, UCLA and Nat’l Champ games–I eat only cardinal and gold food that day. In fact anyone around me is only allowed cardinal and gold food. Chicken fingers and bbq sauce, chips and salsa, etc.

    I will watch the game w others, but they 1. must wear usc clothing or hat or at least card or gold. 2. CANNOT bet on the game, OR if they do cause they are habitual betters, they CANNOT bet against USC (or let me know they did at least)
    And thankfully my neighbors know when I am screaming and yelling “GO REGGIE GO” or now, “SHAKE YOUR BOOTY” “GO CJ GO” etc that it is just me and USC football.


  2. 'Mazing Amy   •  

    LOL OF COUurse i don’t have to tell YOU all that, you’re the one I called from the Caribbean last fall to find out what was happening in the game when no one on the entire island of Anguilla had coverage of it! haha

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