Dates with the Docs

At first I was going to blog something more on a depressing note. But screw it, I have a few dates with a few good doctors tonight.

So, first date at 8 p.m. was quite satisfying.

Dr. Gregory House is still charming. Not much brooding and being that big of a dick, but still. I mean, those blue eyes! Can they sparkle any more now that he’s actually happy?

/me sighs and melts when he toys with Dr. Cameron by asking her out and smiling at her.

The second date is coming up in a few minutes. A double whammy with Dr. Christian Troy and Dr. Sean McNamara.

Oh, Nip/Tuck. I’ve craved you so!


  1. Demi-boss   •  

    Based on your glowing preview I watched my first episode of Nip/Tuck. I’m still not convinced…although I can now safely recommend to you Footballers Wives.

  2. Rude Cactus   •  

    Haven’t watched the House season opener yet. Thankfully my friend TiVo caught it for me 🙂

  3. Anonymous   •  

    House!!!! I love House… he darn crazy. Nip/Tuck is also my fav too. 🙂 hehehe. P’Oh… I want to date doctors too (this time for real… :P).


  4. desiree   •  

    Ah house. Did you know that in real life he has a dreamy british accent? Doesn’t that make it just that much better?

  5. gnarlykitty   •  

    Oh my god we’re both loving the same docs! In Thailand the episodes are so far behind I hate it..

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