I <3 Pork

I’m in a food coma and getting sleepier by the seconds so I won’t be long.

So I had ONE Irish Car Bomb last night, the drinking night with my coworkers. (Details later).

Tonight, I had a margarita and one BIG, FAT carnitas taco.

Have I mentioned that I LOVE PORK?

Especially bacon.

And carnitas.

And crispy skin roasted suckling pig.

And Thai 3-layered crispy pork.

And baby back ribs.

This Saturday, we are going to a Pig Party where there will be one big pig roasting over open fire. Gotta love the Greeks! Or Filipinos??? (Hmm….Lechón…) Wait, don’t the Cubans and Puerto Ricans roast pigs too??

Doesn’t matter. There will be a pig roasting over open fire.

Next to that pig is a pool. And a keg. And more booze.

This weekend is looking pretty good. Pork and booze, baby. And I already get a head start!


  1. KorBua   •  

    P’Oh… you sound like me when I’m near my food!!! Crazy!!! hehehe in the nice way of course! 🙂 Have fun at the Pig Roasting party near the pool and more booze!!! 🙂

  2. Rude Cactus   •  

    Being a vegetarian, I wouldn’t know much about pork anymore. I do miss bacon though.

  3. 'Mazing Amy   •  

    I’ve said it often–the way to my heart is through pork products.

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