The pig wasn’t roasted over open fire after all.

But in a permanent luau pit.

Oh yes. This guy built a luau pit in his back yard for this specific purpose.

And I actually didn’t eat all that much of the pig since I had been pigging out on appetizers through the afternoon. And 2 beers with no effects! I mean, wow. I am really becoming an alcoholic!

We were there from 2 until around 5 when they went to get the pig out. I didn’t see that part of the ordeal because I was watching USC kicking off against Nebraska.

Nonetheless, the Trojans win. All hail Booty, Jarrett, Smith, Moody and Washington!

And, oh yeah. I made little piggy cupcakes! Suddenly, I am hooked on a food fad I swore I wouldn’t get into: cupcakes. I figure since all the techniques I’ve found on the internet about shaping a cake into a pig, would take a lot of energy and skills, I’d just go with virtually trouble free pig cupcakes. I used Brandon’s mom’s Pig Pickin’ Cake recipe (yellow cake with mandarin oranges mixed in, frosted with thawed CoolWhip with vanilla pudding and crushed pineapple) and instead of the layared cake, I make the cups.

And now I’m hooked on making cupcakes. Crap…

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  1. KorBua   •  

    I WANT THE CUPCAKES!!! 🙂 Maybe the next time you’re back, you could make some me and Kitz? Sorry about the not open fire roasted pig. 🙂

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