Today be a grand day for coup

Well, shit. Nothing poops out a party like a military coup in your Motherland. What a downer on my celebration of the Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Check here for updates:

BBC International. Screw CNN in the US, they’re too fuckin’ slow.

19Sep the Blog. Someone’s quick!

Bangkok Pundit.

The ever so trusty Paknam Web Forum.

And, of course, the unconventional yet emotional reporting of our very own Gnarly Kitty.


  1. Onigiri   •  

    Here we go again 🙁 Hopefully we won’t have a repeat of 1992. I was in Bkk for that one.

  2. Borrego   •  

    I see you really like pirates, too bad your day got rained on by an asian goverment, not much one can do about that one.

  3. KorBua   •  

    P’Oh… it’s not that bad. It was as if they didn’t prepare for the coup at all… probably that’s why the announcement was delayed for so long after they took over. 🙂 At least you can be sure that most of us are ok… apart from those in power that flew off the countries to go elsewhere. Lol. 🙂

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