Simple joy

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Happiness is…

…having a bus stop that actually has a bench in it!

I didn’t take the bus on Friday so I don’t know if this new stop is old news or not. But first thing that caught my eyes was the bench. And then I realized there is a new green metal trashcan and that the entire bus stop is brand spanking new!

Holy shit! This city actually upgrades their bus stop!? I [heart] Los Alamitos! It did take them a while but they actuall got to it. Wow.

A long long time ago, we had a bench here at my bus stop. We came in one morning to see the bench quite literally ripped off by its legs, sitting side way on the ground, surrounded by caution tape.

The next morning, the carcass of the bench was gone. And the you could see the remenance of the bolds in the cement where they filled in. So we had no bench since then.

I don’t usually sit down but it was nice to have a cleaner place to park my backpack and other things I may be hauling into town that day. (Content of my city backpack will be discussed in another blog for another time.)

So, yes. My life right now is just that exciting.

Well, USC game over the weekend really got my blood going though. 20-3 we did beat the Arizona Wildcats but those 20 points were truly hard earned.

That Emmanuel Moody kid, what a fucking amazing freshman athelete! Now, he just has to learn how to glue the ball to his arm like Reggie did and he’s just going to grow up to be one hell of a player!

Oh yes. My Trojans winning their games. Another simple joy in life. 😉

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